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Beauty and Contrast

There is beauty in contrast!


As I wandered around immersed in the Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again Exhibition at the Whitney Museum in NYC, I passed a couple whose energy and diverse beauty was striking. She so blonde, pale, face full of subtle pinkish tones that enhanced her delicate beauty. He so tanned, hair so dark, eyes full of depth and strength. Her softness was accentuated by his strength. He was an exclamation point, she an act of endearing surrender.

They stood there, motionless, lost in a piece of Warhol’s creations. Her head softly laid on his shoulder, while his arm wrapped around her waist. Light and darkness, soft and bold, blue and brown, pink and tan. Their love was palpable. There was an enchanting aura that surrounded them like a shield. And as I looked at them I thought, here is a magnificent piece of modern art. A bold, captivating statement encompassing beauty, diversity, and courage. A silent act of rebellion against any leftover traces of unjustified racism.

The picture they painted prompted me to drift and wonder: are we losing ourselves in debates and arguments, and in the daily struggle to prove ourselves? In the process of claiming our power, are we beginning to lose touch with our true essence? Are we so often required to wear a mask that we are beginning to forget who we really are?

Diversity goes beyond physical appearances. Beyond skin pigmentation, beyond cultural backgrounds. There are individual differences, gender differences, personality traits that we should embrace and nurture and claim, despite of what society thinks we should be like.

In a world full of noises, demands, and expectations, I value nothing more than the courage to declare myself free and open. Free to do and to be. Open to becoming. Allowing myself to unfold. To shed layers. To allow my soul to undergo a metamorphosis that leaves me feeling aligned and alive.

Dare to be in contrast with societal norms. Dare to take a path that differs from unspoken expectations. Our existence is our greatest gift. The development and alignment of our true self is our biggest responsibility.

There is beauty in contrast!

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