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Training Your Mind = Changing Your Life

“Our minds are all we have. They are all we have ever had. And they are all we can offer others.”

~Sam Harris

The mind is what allows us to experience, interpret, express, and contribute. We have the ability to extract joy and meaning from everything that we encounter. We have the responsibility to train the mind so it can actually become the optimized tool it is intended to be.

In our society, we tend to hyper focus on our image. Building muscles, trimming fat. How good we look feeds our egos and boosts our confidence. Not necessarily a bad thing, given the importance of the confidence effect_ unless all our validation derives from that of course.

What about our minds? Sure, we want to be perceived as smart beings. But how much value do we attribute to a fit mind? Training the mind is as important as training the body. The mind is the most valuable tool we have to navigate the inevitable chaos and difficulties in our lives. It should be our #1 source of equanimity when under stress.

Every experience we have, every relationship we sustain, is shaped by our brain. The lenses through which we look at our lives and those in it will impact how “good” or how “bad” we perceive them to be. The amount of enjoyment and fulfillment we experience, regardless of where/what or with who, is impacted by our mental state. This fact is a major motivation behind my pursuit of growth. It is what feeds my desire to explore thinking patterns, behaviors and the way the brain is wired.

Immersing on a mindfulness journey has not been a walk in the park for me. Every kind of training requires discipline and determination. In my experience, training the mind has made training the body look like a joke. It is often the mind and its self limiting beliefs, defense mechanisms and ego enhancing tendencies that prevent us from our ultimate goal: present satisfaction.

Acknowledgement of our thinking patterns and their impact on our lives allows us to make different decisions and to adopt necessary changes. At any given moment, we are one decision away from establishing a new neural connection and new neural pathways in our brain.

The world you live in has been made. It can become unmade and so it can be remade.” ~ unknown



Book Recommendation: Waking Up by Sam Harris

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